It was March 30, 1930 in the small town of Roscoe, Texas, when John Clarence Lipham was brought into this world by . The second child to parents Clarence Thomas Lipham and Easter Lillie Ferguson Lipham. Clarence or "Buck" as he was known was a carpenter who during this "Dust Bowl" era depression was struggling to make ends meet hanging doors for various customers while Lillie raised young John, his older sister Rhea and soon to come younger brother Jerry and sister Marie.

Being a terrible time in the economic history of the U.S., Clarence traveled and moved the family from state to state looking for construction work, until they landed in North Hollywood, California. The kids, being very athletic, soon fell into the newly booming "Hollywood" scene and found themselves being booked as an acrobatic act for various "vaudville" style live shows and soon being called to appear and even star in various Hollywood Motion Pictures, the most notable being "Song of the Open Road" which featured the then known "Lipham Four" along side such talents as W.C. Fields, Jane Powell, Charlie McCarthy, Edgar Bergan and many other stars in this WWII youth commune promotional film.

Having now spent a large portion of their childhood in Southern California, the "Lipham Four" no longer being kids and facing adulthood disbanded with Rhea getting married to a "computer" genius, Samuel "Steve" Stevens and John and Jerry joining the Navy and shipping off to Honolulu, HI. Being businessmen and Hollywood locals, they spent little or no time actually on a ship or in their case submarine crew, but carried out their time organizing and booking acts for the officers clubs on the big island.

Buck and Lillie split up after the kids left home and Buck settled in Paso Robles, CA where he and the boys purchased a 50 acre ranch. Buck went back to construction and "hanging door". John and Jerry discharged the Navy and came back to California briefly.

John went on to Illinois where his sister Rhea had settled with her husband Steve who was working and teaching computing in the not even formed tech industry. John quickly jumped into the big furniture industry in the Midwest and one day while banking stumbled upon Renee Marie Joachim, a Berwyn, Il resident who was working at the local bank. They quickly married and moved to Ohio where the Furniture Mart was. They had a boy, John C. Lipham, Jr.(now Dr.) on January 17, 1967 and decided to move to the more suburban area of Palatine, Il where they had there second child Jeffrey Michael Lipham on December 1, 1971.

Being a born business man, John, Sr. decided to move his family west to start his own furniture manufacturing business in Kansas, but due to a turn in manufacturing techniques, soon found himself looking for work himself, which brought him back to Southern California where his younger brother Jerry had settled down in the small town of Thousand Oaks, CA.

The two quickly started soliciting work as handymen and soon were building homes in this wide open landscape. John saw the importance of building structures with integrity and strength and took on the charge of obtaining a California State Contractor's Licensing Board Class C General Contractors License, to allow the two to build complete residential structures and offer their clients the assurance of guaranteed craftsmenship and stability.

License # 41687 was awarded on jan1111, 1982 and has been in excellent standing ever since. During that time the small brother duo team has changed and grown and the landscape of Thousand Oaks has most definately seen the impact of the Lipham Brothers, having built home after home in this growing community.

Jerry decided to move to Chicago to be with his sister and her husband and pursue restoring victorian homes there, while John stayed on in California, continuing to expand his construction offerings to Churches, Homes, Commercial buildings and finally finding his niche in custom single family residential home building.

Over the 50 years that John has been building homes in Southern California, he has worked with some of Los Angeles' major players, building innovative homes in Brentwood, Studio City, North Ranch, Toluca Lake, La Habra Heights and many other areas which accomodate new residential home building. Some of these homes have topped 11,000 sq ft. in livable area, making them mansions to the average home buyer, but having Lipham Construction bringing them in at track home prices, (well not exactly that cheap but you get the picture). We know home building period. We are the best, or John is the best. There isn't a building inspector in the Ventura or Los Angeles County that is not familiar with John and all know when they visit a site that the work isn't in question of being up to code, it's how has John exceeded and possibly defined the level of building excellence that fosters the next generation of building standards.